Sticker Printing Techniques

//Sticker Printing Techniques
Stickers Printing Press in South India

Stickers are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to increase the demand for your business and brand promotion. Well-placed stickers on cars, signs, door jambs or a dive bar bathroom stall can get more eyes than online PPC ads. To make sure your stickers look as incredible off the press as they do the PC screen, following are the sticker printing techniques:

Go Vinyl

A wall sticker or wall vinyl can be fixed to a smooth surface or wall for informational and decoration purposes. Printing your stickers on white vinyl with a gloss finish will help the stickers stand up to the elements because they’re tough and water resistant. Choose a vinyl sticker that has crack and peel backing for easy removal so your customers can effortlessly affix your brand to anything they’d like.

Get a Proof

Make sure you get a hard copy proof of your sticker before printing. You need to ensure you didn’t miss any grammatical mistakes, types or configuration imperfections before you submit, and a printed version confirmation is the absolute most ideal approach.

Have Your Stickers Die Cut

Having your stickers die cut is the fastest and adorable way to increase the value of a sticker. Browse a die-cut gallery for ideas or to choose a pre-formatted die-cut shape. You can also easily create your own custom die cut.

Print with fade-resistant inks

Fade resistant inks consist of pigments that offer maximum sticker longevity. The longer your sticker is noticed the more influence it has. This increases your ROI – Return on Investment. Go with fade-resistant inks that are rated for at least six months under normal use for best results.

Print in volume

Print the stickers in bulk so that the cost per sticker will be very less and thus increase your ROI. The more you order, the more you will save.

Sticker printing can be a very rewarding and cost-efficient way to market a product, service, brand or company. Make sure you print your stickers on vinyl with fade-resistant inks for lasting power that sells, have your stickers die cut for instant attention, get a proof to double-check your layout placement and text and print in volume to save money. Sterling Print House, the best sticker printing press in South India, offers a range of stickers with unique and custom design by our designing team and printing it using the most modern techniques. This helps our customers to improve their business rating and brand promotion. Contact us immediately for our sticker designing and printing services. We offer you the best!