Calendar Designing and Printing – Tips & Techniques

//Calendar Designing and Printing – Tips & Techniques
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Calendar printing is a great way to brand your company image and motivate the direct response from your target audience. Great calendar design is only part of the process. Before you can distribute your catalogue to your soon-to-be customers, you have to consider the catalogue printing process. There are a variety of unique calendars available nowadays. Poster calendars, wall calendars, card calendars, magnetic calendars, etc are some of the calendar types and it can also be done depending on your design specifications. Now everyone wants to come up with attention-grabbing calendars to stand out from the crowd.

Tips for Calendar Designing and Printing

Some of the essential tips for calendar designing and printing are:
Tip 1: Decide a Theme

There are a number of concepts and themes for the calendar. Think about the themes and get some feedback from your colleagues whether it suits your company theme and can reach your target audience. Make sure the theme is consistent, appealing and obvious. Along with the theme, it is necessary to choose a catchy message that conveys your services or products to strengthen the concept. This really helps to highlight your business and brands.

Tip 2: Consider How Many Months per Page

There are several options for calendars including 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months or 12 months per page. No matter which you choose, make it as readable as possible. Small, medium-sized and large businesses prefer calendars with 1 month displayed on each page. This enables them to properly convey their message as well as feature different images for every month of the year. After that, you have to decide how many pages you want for your customized calendar.

Tip 3: Choose High-Quality Images

Never skimp on images. Professional calendar printing can’t turn bad images into good ones. You want the calendar to portray your company in the best way possible. That means quality images. Search professional stock photography for high-quality images that match your theme. Or, you can hire a professional photographer. Don’t ever use copyrighted images without permission. If you photograph your own products, make sure your images are high resolution and usable. Make the effort to get top-notch images and you’ll get a striking final product.

Tip 4: Use Space Properly

Whether you are designing pocket-size, wall or table calendars, you want your message and images to be conveyed within the space appropriately. Above all else, you want recipients of your calendars to find them interesting. Don’t forget to leave some space for an introductory page that highlights your company, its achievements, community service and its defining attributes.

Tip 5: Choose a Perfect Colour

If you’re trying to design a unique calendar, make sure it’s attractive as well as easy to read. Don’t forget that colour is an important element in any calendar design. Colours convey mood. The right colour combination is the key to success. Match your brand colours and style so your calendar contributes to your company image. You want customers to recognize your brand right away. If you’re trying to design a unique calendar, make sure it’s attractive as well as easy to read.

Tip 6: Showcase Your Company

Yes, a calendar reminds us of appointments and events. But there’s no reason it can’t promote your company and products. Don’t miss the chance to let customers know about new products and events. Incorporate special promotions and sales notices into your calendar. Or, add an exclusive offer to your calendar. Each month gives you a chance to tell customers about your business. Show off your products and services. Think of the calendar as your company portfolio. Include an introduction that highlights your company attributes. Tell customers about your achievements and community service.

Tip 7: Think About Printing Techniques

Once the calendar is designed, the final step in the process is the production and printing. So think about the modern calendar printing techniques to create a unique calendar.

Calendar Printing Techniques

The following printing techniques will help you make the right decisions when printing your calendar.

Paper: The cover page of the Calendar should be thicker than the inside pages. The high-quality paper stock is perfect for calendars.

Size: Calendar can be designed and printed in various sizes according to the customer needs.

Finishing: How you finish your calendar can have an impact on its appearance and durability – and the longer your calendar hangs, the longer it’s working for you. Make sure your calendar hanging hole is drilled large enough to accommodate most nails and screws to prevent tearing.

Use a template: You want to make sure your calendar looks as great coming off the press as it does on your computer screen, so make sure you use a pre-formatted calendar template for your design.

Print in Volume: Printing in large volume may help to reduce the price per calendar.

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